Ten Myths about Maths, you never knew

Mathematics Myths buster

#Myth 1 – Maths cannot be Creativity

Most of us have thought that Mathematics is not a Creative Subject. But Mathematical Genius Ramanujam was the one who found out that “Zero” was essential. This is Creativity. One can only invent something when he has a Creative Brain.

#Myth 2 – Best way of to solve a Problem

There is not anything called the Best way to find a Solution. Because we can arrive at the Solution in various. The only thing matters is how to solve and arrive at the solution which is easy to remember.

Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.

— Shakuntala Devi, Indian writer, and mental calculator

#Myth 3 – Men do Math Better than Woman

During a recent statistics, it is being said that Woman are better at calculating than Men because, they handle numbers quickly when it comes to household purchasing and everyday calculation of routine work.

#Myth 4 – Mathematicans are like Magicians, they do maths within Seconds

We may think that Mathematicians are human calculators business, cabin, cup. But as a matter of fact, they are well versed because of practice. It all comes from continuous repetition and practice.

#Myth 5 – You should have a good memory

The concepts that you learn to get a right solution is what matters. For this you should have right thinking. And you should not have mere memorization only.

#Myth 6 – Maths is more Logic, than intuition

Logic based problems are not the need in order to excel in Maths. The deep things is how you solve using the intuition. Because, when your intuition is right then you could solve the problem.

#Myth 7 – Some have Math Mind by birth

It is believed that only some possess the in-born nature of a calculative mind, while others don’t. This is a wrong concept, every brain has the capacity to do Mathematics if well trained.

business, cabin, cup

#Myth 8 – Relentlessly work to get the solution to the problem

This is another myth that if intensely you work on the problem, then you will get a solution. No, this is absolutely wrong. When you are stuck at some time, then you are more likely to get tensed, so take some break and come back to get a fresh view of how to solve that problem, with a clearer and more insightful view of finding the solution.

#Myth 9 – Knowing the answer is very important

If you know that your answer can be arrived by your processes, then that is enough. Rather than knowing answer by memory.

#Myth – 10 – There is key to doing every Math problem

The ability to arrive at the right answer is very important, rather than having merely the key only to solve the problem.

These 10 Myths is just an example of how people have a mistaken view and pre-conceived notion about Mathematics. And by coming out of these old ideas we can overcome all the hurdles and then learn Mathematics in easy method.

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