Learning Maths made Easy

Why Maths is always a fearful subject?

Have you wondered why most of the students feel afraid when it comes to learning mathematics?

I hope we all know the answer… Yes, Lack of practice and complicated and long methods needed to implement for each Problem.

But, I say Mathematics is the most effective and easy Subject. Would you agree to this statement? At the end of this post you may accept this.

Take for instance a practical illustration.

When you are walking down the street, and you happened to see Mall close-by.

And you see the height of the Mall through your naked eye. You cannot say the exact measurement just by seeing the building.

You will probably need an instrument to measure it.

But using Mathematics you can easily find out the Height, without using any instruments.



Trigonometry is a subject about the triangle.

Everyday we see or use triangles in our lives. Whether we accept or not. I will give you example.

The Above picture shows that the angle of the triangle is known and then using the given measurement we can identify the height of the building.

Likewise, in all sorts of daily work we may encounter this issue.

And, for this reason we need a standard procedure or formula to calculate the Measurement of the Object or in this case the Building.


Next we come to the topic of Calculus.

Calculus is used in almost everyday life.

Take for instance, credit cards. We all use credit cards and we even use it for everyday life.

Do you feel that the monthly statement is exceeding normal limit.

Then you can use calculus to make minimum payout, before the payment date.

By using calculus, we can avoid paying a much higher rate and ending in a huge loss.

Likewise, we can add a lot of instances in our daily walk of life.

How Maths is in our daily usage?

We should start thinking in that way.

Finally, I would like to conclude by telling you that since Maths is used in our Daily Life. Why not Master the Art and start utilizing it?

You start implementing and then you will enjoy it.

Thank You for spending your valuable time.