Concept-based Maths

Will we really understand the Kind of system?

Really I believe that everyone can have the ability to bring great ideas to the world through creative thinking.

Some may be interested in creative thinking, some may be interested in logical solving of problem, some may be eloquent in oratorical speaking. Etc.

But Now we can have the basic knowledge of Maths in our everyday lives that we are all humans and we have the sixth sense.

So, according to our sixth sense, every human being has the capacity to think logically, that means we are thinkable beings.

sixth sense

We humans have a brain which have a capacity of maintaining 2.5 million Gigabytes of Data. That means it can store 4.7 million books in it.

Wow…Amazing isnt it. But actually we use only a small percentage of it.

This is because we do a routine job daily, just like the robot which attuned to accomplish a set of instructions given to it.

Why not think differently and change our lifestyle?

Use logical reasoning behind everything we do.

Like skipping a meal.

Waking up earlier than usual.

Calling a childhood friend and asking him about his life.

You know these will alter our brain map and mind-timing to be off-the-track of our daily routine.

I am sure we can learn something that life is to be enjoyed and also to be cherished as well.

Ok, coming back to our topic.

Learning Mathematics based on the concepts is very easy and even to Master it to perfection.

Because, the first time my interest towards Mathematics was the way my Mathematics Teacher explained the concepts to me.

I thought that so interesting subject then why there is a myth that it can be a tedious subject and even fail in the subject.

Ok, in my previous post you may notice the illustrations that I used.

Logically speaking every concept is based on live examples we face on a daily basis.

Whether be it budgeting, or to Calculate the cost to purchase a Hi-end product like a Car or to do small tasks.

So, Learning this kind of System makes us more interested to apply the formula of Mathematics and automate daily tasks.

So, I recommend that learning based upon the concept will also make you to look at the way you see things in a different way.

Hence, you will also teach this system to others.

Not only do this concepts will help the students who study Engineering but also you will be able to understand how the Formulae were designed, and why it was designed to make our life simple and effective.

Looking forward to Learning.