10 ways that you were doing to learn Maths in a wrong method

Choosing the right concepts The Study of Maths is basically quite tedious as it takes some time and effort to excel and master over that subject. Some practice is also necessary so that we will not forget the steps. But eventually, the crucial part in learning Maths is that we must know what formula and […]

Maths became super easy when you try a bit

When you start to learn something we have more focus and concentration on that subject. Any subject for that matter. So, Maths is one of the subject where you have to put your logic and memory technique to work together. That’s it. Many have the wrong concept that Maths is for those born with that […]

Ten Myths about Maths, you never knew

#Myth 1 – Maths cannot be Creativity Most of us have thought that Mathematics is not a Creative Subject. But Mathematical Genius Ramanujam was the one who found out that “Zero” was essential. This is Creativity. One can only invent something when he has a Creative Brain. #Myth 2 – Best way of to solve […]

Concept-based Maths

Will we really understand the Kind of system? Really I believe that everyone can have the ability to bring great ideas to the world through creative thinking. Some may be interested in creative thinking, some may be interested in logical solving of problem, some may be eloquent in oratorical speaking. Etc. But Now we can […]

Learning Maths made Easy

Why Maths is always a fearful subject? Have you wondered why most of the students feel afraid when it comes to learning mathematics? I hope we all know the answer… Yes, Lack of practice and complicated and long methods needed to implement for each Problem. But, I say Mathematics is the most effective and easy […]